Thursday, 24 October 2013

Do the Freestyle

This has been a difficult pregnancy for me so I have been doing a bit of swimming lately as it is the easiest form of exercise for me. Must admit I am taking it pretty easy in the pool but I am listening to my body and not pushing myself, it will be a different story once the baby is born!!

While I am in the pool I always find myself watching others techniques and critiquing them. Many people seem to make the same mistakes so below is my list of tips.

Freestyle Technique Tips

  • Slight bend in the legs on down beat and straight on the up beat
  • Kick from the hips (not the knees)
  • Point toes
  • Controlled body roll
  • Don't hold breath, exhale under water
  • Roll head to the side to breath (expose mouth to the air)
  • Don't excessively cup hands, hold fingers loosely together
  • Fingers enter the water first
  • High elbows
Hope to see you in the pool!


Seana Smith said...

Hello good tips for me as I'm about to get back in the pool. I'm doing ocean swim training and Weds are in the pool and sats at the beach. I feel quite nervous already!!

Anne Downing said...

I love ocean swims (as long as the waves are not too big!!)

Neets said...

Great tips. I'm also pregnant & missing my running so much. Am not a strong swimming but may just use these tips during the second half of my pregnancy :)