Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pilates on Demand - Giveaway

I must admit that having a toddler and being pregnant I am finding it difficult to exercise. When JJ is sleeping or in the evening when my partner is home from work I can usually manage to get a few minutes to myself to exercise.

Not having much time I find that Pilates on Demand is a great website which offers pilates classes for all levels and you can also put in the duration which means I can do a quick 10 minute work out while JJ is eating her morning tea!!!

There is a great selection of classes available to choose from which covers all levels from beginners to advanced and it also includes pregnancy classes. The tutorials are extremely detailed with their explanations so I am confident that I am doing the exercise correctly.

Pilates on Demand are currently giving away a 6 month subscription and all you have to do is email competition@pilatesod.com declaring why you would like to win a 6 months membership to Pilates on Demand. A winner will be announced on the 1st of November.

Good luck and make sure you have a look at the website as you will not be disappointed.


Sally Day said...

Sounds great, I love to exercise at home

Anne Downing said...

Pilates on Demand advised that they had a great response from this post. The winner is Tamara House