Sunday, 26 January 2014

Exercise After Birth

I have finally welcomed my little one into the world. Unfortunately I had an emergency c-section so I have lots of recovering to do. Looking on the bright side I can sit back and let people wait on me!!!

At the hospital they didn't give me a list of exercises you can do after a c-section so I plan on doing lots of research so I get gain strength in my stomach and back.

One thing I can recommend is SRC Pregnancy Recovery Comfort shorts which provide support to the abdomen, lower back and pelvic region while promoting muscle stability. I can notice a big difference when I am wearing them the only problem is with the hot weather we are having they are a little  hot and uncomfortable!

I am looking forward to getting back into exercise eventually but for now I am concentrating on being a mum.

My gorgeous little man
Photo from MacKenzie and Me Imagery


Kacie said...

Congratulations, he is beautiful.

Modern Day Mummying said...

Oh Anne he is gorgeous! Congratulations to you and your family :)

Sophie xo

Evelyn Cale said...

Wow! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Its been 2 months, how are you coping with motherhood? I would really LOVE to have my own bundle of joy soon! But not until I treat my sleep apnea. I've been suffering from sleep apnea for a couple of months now.I wasn't really diagnosed, though. I just took a sleep test ( and was assisted by a pharmacist as well. Was recommended a device but I wouldn't want to depend on that forever. I REALLY need to get back into fitness and treat my apnea from within. I believe it isn't that serious or critical, but hey, I won't be sure it will have no effect on my "planned" pregnancy. I just need to get back in shape, hopefully treat my apnea and after that, my husband and I can talk (*wink*) I really hope and pray that we will be blessed with a baby this year. A pregnancy without complications, that is!

A little bit country said...

Hi Anne, just popping in to say hi as I wondered how you were going. Big congrats on your beautiful little boy. Elaina xo