Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Boobs and Nuts

I told myself once I have the baby I am going to eat healthy and the baby weight will fall off with breastfeeding! Who was I kidding, I had so many visitors who brought chocolates, cakes, morning tea, afternoon tea and how was a girl to refuse!

Now my bub is coming up to 12 weeks and the visitors are slowing down it is time to start my healthy eating! No more excuses to eat junk and unfortunately I am not one of those lucky ones where the weight falls off when they are breast feeding.

Feeding makes me hungry all the time and I continually want to eat but I know that I need to start making the right choices. I have got a food and exercise journal ready to go and filled the pantry with healthy snack options like Wonderful Pistachios. A rough guideline for breastfeeding mums is to consume an additional 600 calories so having a few nuts during the day as a snack is a great option. What I love about Wonderful Pistachios is that they offer different flavours to jazz things up, now my taste buds will never be bored!

What do you find as a quick and healthy snack option when you are on the go?


Anonymous said...

Nuts. One of my favorites since I was young.

Amira said...

Wow awesome article..Nuts is very healthy food, your article is very useful to everyone..Thanks